"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."         -Samuel Butler

Our Labradoodle Studs / Stud Service

Premiere Labradoodles Acme Production (aka Sylvester)

ALAA-045775/ WALA00008566                               DNA profile on record

~ Proven Stud ~

Sylvester is our endearing medium (38#) Australian Labradoodle stud.  He has the silkiest, most amazing non-shed coat, great structure and temperament.  He is black (blue) and carries for all colors.  His hips are rated PennHIP >90% (better than 90% of all labradoodles tested) and OFA prelim Good and elbows Normal.  He is certified OFA normal for cardiac, patella and DJD.  He is IC clear, and clear vWd and DM. He does carry for EIC and PRA-prcd.  His eyes are certified OFA normal (2016).

Sylvester is available for outside stud service.

Black Labradoodle Dogs

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Here are some of his past pups. 

Cascade Canyon's Archer

ALAA-68429/WALA00008524           DNA profile on record

~ Proven Stud ~

Archer is an amazingly sweet, and beautiful red multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.  He is 40 lbs and a solid medium size with a soft fleece coat.  Archer's health testing is done.  He is OFA prelim normal for hips, elbows, patella and cardiac.  His eyes are normal.  He is clear for PRA-prcd, vWd, EIC, and DM.   He is also IC clear. Archer carries for chocolate and does not carry for curl.  

Archer lives with his guardian family in northern CA.


Premiere Labradoodles Celebrity Status, ("Maury")

ALAA-049207/ WALA00008351                         

 DNA profile on record

~ Proven Stud ~

Maury is a darling large miniature/small medium (25#/17") multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.  He has a rich chocolate fleece coat with a dashing white accent on his chin and chest. He carries for cream, parti and can produce those adorable phantoms.  He is IC clear.  Maury's hips are OFA prelim Good, Pennhip 60%, prelim OFA normal for elbows, patella and cardiac.  He is also clear for vWD, PRA-prcd, EIC and DM.  

Maury is available for outside stud service.  

Maury lives in a loving guardian home with a young boy of his very own and a canine sibling. 

Here are a few of Maury's offspring.


DoodleLane's Stunt Man ("Parker")

ALAA- 047852/ WALA00008487                              DNA profile on record

~ Proven Stud~

This handsome and calm, sweet boy joined Premiere Labradoodles all the way from Canada.  

Parker is a 25#, miniature multi-generational Australian Labradoodle.  He has an apricot, fleece coat. His hips are OFA prelim-Gd and Pennhip 60%.  His elbows, patella, cardiac and eyes are OFA normal.  Parker is clear vWD, PRA-prcd, DM and EIC.  He does carry IC.  

Parker lives with his guardian.

Parker is available for outside stud service via fresh chilled.

These are some of his pups.



Premiere Labradoodles Love Boat ("Tug")

~ Proven Stud ~

ALAA-059512/ WALA00008486                                 DNA profile on record

Tug is one of the sweetest little (and I mean very little) guys I know of.  He is currently 11 lbs of pure joy and happiness, and is considered a micro-mini multigen Australian Labradoodle.  He is light caramel and white.  His hips are rated OFA prelim Good and elbows normal.  His patellas and cardiac are both OFA rated normal.  Tug is clear for all genetic diseases.  

He is not available for outside stud.

Tug lives in a guardian home with his cat and new baby human sister. 


Below are his previous pups.  

labradoodle pup labradoodle pup

Premiere Labradoodles Up The Ante (Winslow)


DNA profile on record

Winslow is our super outgoing and friendly dark caramel & white standard F1b labradoodle stud.  He has a balanced structure and a low sabre tail.  His hips are rated OFA prelim Good and elbows normal.  His PennHip is .45/.46.  He has OFA normal results for eyes, patella, cardiac, and DJD.  He is clear for vWd and DM.  

Winslow is available for outside stud service.  red F1b labradoodle

red labradoodle

red labradoodle red labradoodle

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Cascade Canyon's Makarios (aka Bodhi)

ALAA-068402/ WALA00008350                                        DNA profile on record

Bodhi is a darling medium boy.  He is the son of our Premiere Labradoodles Celebrity Status (Maury) and Cascade Canyon's Miss Delilah.  His health testing was great- OFA hip prelim Excellent, elbows normal, cardiac, patella and eyes all normal.  Bodhi carries for chocolate, parti and phantom.  He is an IC and PRA-prcd carrier. 

Bodhi is ready to sire his first litter.

Here is one of his baby pictures.  Aren't his markings so cool?


                           ~ Stud Prospects ~

           ~ Retired Studs are shown below ~

Premiere Labradoodles J-Jus Cowboy Fine ("Jay") ~ RETIRED

ALAA-041785/ WALA00006430                                           DNA profile on record

Jay is our stunningly marked, medium-size, black (now silver) phantom multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. He is 40 lbs with a perfect square boning, solidly strong stature and a wool coat. Jay's hips are OFA prelim-Gd and Pennhip 80%, elbows normal, and OFA eyes, patella, cardiac, DJD/Osteo, and Legg-Calve-Perthes normal.  Jay carries for chocolate, cream and parti (BbEe) and probably red as well.  He does carry IC.  Jay is friendly and happy.  He sires pups with incredible temperaments including some successfully trained as service dogs.

Jay lives with his guardian family.

Jay is retired but available via frozen only. 

These are some of his pups.


Brasken's Mister Phineus

ALAA-051622/ WALA00008555                          DNA profile on record

Phineus is a large medium/small standard,  50 lb., caramel multigen Australian Labradoodle.  There is nothing dainty about this guy.  He has a happy and outgoing temperament. We are happy to be sharing this boy with our friends at Wine Country Labradoodles.  OFA hip finals are GOOD. His OFA prelims on elbows, cardiac and patella are all normal.  His eyes are normal.  He is clear of vWd, DM, EIC, PRA-prcd & PRA-crd4 and more.  

These are some of his grown pups.




We are so pleased with the calm demeanor in this young dog and his lovely structure and red coat.  Louie's hips are rated OFA prelim Good and PennHIP 90th percentile (hips tighter than 90% of Labradoodles).  Elbows are rated Normal by OFA. Louie has been tested for vWD, PRA-prcd, NEWS, EIC and DM and is clear of all of these diseases.  He is also clear IC.  

Louie is co-owned with Wine Country Labradoodles and lives in a local guardian home.

Sadly, despite such perfect health testing and great temperament, Louie has never produced sperm and has been "retired" without ever siring a litter.   

King Louie - Premier Labradoodles Stud Dog

Boomer Retired Australian Labradoodle Stud Dog



 "BOOMER" is a small standard size Australian Labradoodle stud.  He is a beautiful boy and is just an absolute love bug with a gentle, sweet temperament.  He has a beautiful soft curly fleece coat and winning personality.  Boomer carries the chocolate gene and has sired some beautiful puppies.  

Boomer is now retired and lives with his guardian family. 



"ASHTON" has been retired.  He is a gorgeous Australian Labradoodle, we co-owned with our friend Eileen at Blossom Ranch Labradoodles in Oregon.  Ashton was purchased from a breeder in Indiana.  He has a curly fleece coat in rich dark chocolate and white parti coloring.  He is 34# and 19 1/2". Ashton has a friendly, gentle, sweet demeanor.   Ashton's hips were rated OFA Prelim Excellent, elbows Normal, Cardiac, Patella, CERF (eyes) and Thyroid all Normal, PRA-prcd, vWD and EIC all Clear. 


"COOPER"   is a proven Premiere Labradoodle stud.  His pups are beautiful!!  Cooper is a full-sized standard Poodle with a gorgeous cafe-au-lait coat.  We purchased him as an 8 week old pup and he has grown into a very handsome, athletic, sweet and loving boy.  Cooper loves swimming, playing fetch, running and going pig hunting!  He has a beautiful head and nice bone structure.  His hips were rated OFA excellent, and elbows normal.  CERF exam was clear and normal.