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"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too."         -Samuel Butler

Our Current & Upcoming Labradoodle Puppies

 ~ See photos of our current litter

and details of upcoming litters below ~  


~ Medium Pups ~

Guardian home wanted for a female.  All others are reserved. 

I appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for the photos to get posted. We were having a bit of an editing lockout.  ENJOY!

labradoodle puppy

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

labradoodle pups\labradoodle puplabradoodle puplabradoodle pup

labradoodle puplabradoodle puplabradoodle puplabradoodle pup

Labradoodle momma and pups

labradoodle pups

Karma has the sweetest little chocolate litter of all girls and one boy. They are growing quickly and look very healthy. 

Premiere Labradoodles Lesson in time "Karma" and       Premiere Labradoodles Celebrity Status "Maury"

We have bred Karma, our medium chocolate Australian Labradoodle with Maury, our chocolate medium Australian Labradoodle boy.  Pups will have chocolate non-shedding, straight to wavy fleece coats. Temperaments on these pups will be loving, sweet and cuddly, eager to please and train, intelligent and have a middle of the road activity level.  These pups will mature to roughly 30 to 45 lbs. (+/-).

Karma and Maury's health testing and other information can be found on the girls and studs pages.  


chocolate labradoodle


~ Upcoming ~

(Medium RED litter)

We will open the reservations up at a later date.

Premiere Labradoodles Moulin of Sydney and Loveable Labradoodles Fozzie

Pups in this litter will have non-shedding, apricot- red, straight, wavey or curly coats, and may have a touch of white on their chests.  These medium pups will mature to roughly 25-35 lbs.  

Labradoodle Sydney

Sydney (pictured above) has her health testing detailed on our girls page.  

Fozzie (pictured below) is the perfect match for pairing with our girl Sydney.  He belongs to our friends at Loveable Labradoodles.  Fozzie is 30 lbs., red, and his hips are rated OFA prelim Good and elbows normal.  

labradoodle stud


~ Future Pairings ~

We will open up reservations at a later date.

Premiere Labradoodles Mini-Me (aka Winnie) and Premiere Labradoodles Chippendales (aka Chip)

Winnie and Chip have been paired for a sweet litter of very little ones, minis and micro-minis. The pups are expected to grow to be 10-20 lbs..  They will arrive in a rainbow of colors and shades; cream, caramel, apricot, red and chocolate.  Coats will be non-shedding.  Temperaments will be happy and friendly.

red labradoodle


Premiere Labradoodles All Fun and Games "Lexi" and Cascade Canyon's Archer

Pups in this rainbow litter will have non-shedding, wavy to curly fleece, and may arrive wearing cream, caramel, apricot, chocolate and black coats.  A phantom marked pup is also possible.  These pups will mature to roughly 35-45 lbs.

Australian Labradoodle

Lexi (pictured above) has all her testing information posted on the girls page. 

Archer (pictured below) has all his testing information posted on the studs page. 

red Australian Labradoodle


~ Gone Home! ~


Our sweet Amelia and Poptart litter has gone to their new homes.  

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

mini labradoodle girl

sable labradoodle pup

labradoodle pup

Contact us by our contact page to email.

When you select a puppy from us, your puppy will:

  • Be healthy and happy
  • Have been whelped and raised in our family living-room
  • Been socialized with children, adults and various animals
  • Have had age appropriate vaccinations based on specific litter titer testing
  • Have preventative worming treatments
  • Have had microchip implanted with lifetime registration included
  • Have been sterilized (typically spayed/neutered or sold on strict contract)

Australian and F1-B Labradoodles are low to no shed, are allergy friendly and have minimal doggy odor even when wet. Our puppies will be current on puppy shots (as determined by nomograph), wormed, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and have a clean bill of health.  They will also be used to noises, other dogs, animals and children.  We will do Superdog Conditioning from birth through as long as they are with us.  All puppies will have been handled daily and had positive exposure to a crate and preliminary leash training.  We may do personality testing at 7 weeks so we can suggest the right puppy for your family. 

We will post new photos of the puppies as we take them.  We can provide additional pictures of any puppy you are interested in.  We can also refer you to other labradoodle breeders if we don't have what you are interested in.   We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy for any reason. 

There are no guarantees when it comes to size, coat texture or color.  Weights are projected only.